Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road Trip

As I mentioned in my last post, Ammon was on TDY in May.  This was his longest TDY yet...3 weeks.  Being a single mom for a day isn't fun, let alone 3 weeks.  As soon as Kent finished preschool, a week into the TDY, the kids and I took off for Washington.  The kids and I started the trek alone, driving all the way to Boise, at which time we picked up my dad from the airport, spent the night, and drove the rest of the way to Pullman with him.  Some may think I am spoiled to have my dad fly down to drive with us, but I am a horrible long distance driver.  I get so tired so easily on car trips, I need someone with me and the kids don't count.  I knew I could make it to Boise by myself, but beyond that it probably wasn't safe.  Not to mention it's entirely freeway between Ogden and Boise, which allows for me to take care of the kids easily by myself, but anyone that has driven from Boise to Pullman via McCall, knows that those roads aren't quite as straight which makes it hard for me to drive and take care of the kids at the same time.

Before we picked up my dad at the airport we stopped and visited Ammon's sister Aspen and her family.  The kids were so excited to get out of the car and play for a while.

Grayson and Addy swinging

Addy manhandling Audrey's bunny, that was so much mellower than the one I had as a classroom pet.

The kids enjoying the trampoline.  This was my kids' first time on a trampoline and they loved it!

There is no better view to welcome me home then the wheat fields.  They were so green while we were there.

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The Udy Bunch said...

I know exactly what you mean! When I got home I couldn't stop sniffing the lovely clean air!