Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Break From The Fall Festivities

On Tuesday we had a happy 17 month old running around the house and by 1:30 am Wednesday morning we had a 17 month old gasping for breath. We immediately ran him to the ER to find out he had a bad case of croup accompanied by a high fever. One dose of oral steroids, 2 steroid breathing treatments, and 5 hours later we were released from the hospital with someone who did a lot of this...


and this...

He is finally on the mend, with an occasional cough and fever. We are glad he is returning to his normal self. Although a lethargic baby is a breath of fresh air sometimes, a lethargic, whiny baby is not.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Holidays around the Mills house are getting more fun as Kent gets older and we can do activities surrounding the holidays. A few weekends ago all the women in the family, Mom, Rachel, Robin, and myself took Cade and Kent to the pumpkin patch up at the WSU orchards. Although the pumpkins are not as cheap as they are in the stores, I guess you pay for the activity of picking more than you pay for the pumpkin. Although it was hot and Kent was ready for a nap (the reason why he is not smiling in any of the pictures) it was a lot of fun.

On our way...

Kent found the perfect pumpkin.

Helping Grandma find her pumpkin

Kent was the happiest when he was walking around in this cart.

Push and pull

Perhaps the most adorable picture of Cade helping. He was so proud of himself.

One extra pumpkin in the cart.

Mom and Kent

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Before Ammon Deletes Them

As I mentioned before, Kent was the first grandson on Ammon's side, with five girls preceding him. When we got together for dinner one night, three of them of course wanted to play dress up with Kent. Here is the finished product of which Ammon wishes to delete...

Also, Kent at times suffers from stranger anxiety so to ease the the anxiety Ammon's dad taped jelly beans (one of Kent's favorite treats) to his shirt. Pretty creative if you ask me, however I think he ate all but three of those jelly beans and that's a lot of jelly beans.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boating and Bachloretting

The last weekend in September Ammon and I had the opportunity to go to the west side for my friend's bachlorette party. We left early Friday morning in order to make it to American Lake for an afternoon of boating with Ammon's brother's family. I have always loved boating and although very cold on Friday, I still love boating. Neither of us have ever wake boarded before and after 10 or so tries we were both able to get up and stay up. I also was able to tube with my adorable nieces. On Saturday I left Kent and Ammon in Spanaway and drove north to spend the remainder of the weekend with my friends from high school. We always have a blast when we get together and this weekend was no different. We spent the afternoon at the wineries in Woodenville and the evening hanging out in the hotel. I wished I would have gotten more pictures of the group, but will have another opportunity in two weeks when my friend Sarah gets married.


Ammon and Kent


Ammon and two of the three girls.

Kent and Me, notice the flowers on Kent's life jacket, that's what you get when all your older cousins are girls.

All the girls (Lauren, Kim, Lyndee, Amanda, Sarah the bride, and Tori)