Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kent's Other Best Friend

All my blog readers know that Kent's best friend is his cousin Cade and that no one could replace Cade in Kent's heart, but this little girl is coming close.  Abby and Kent play together almost everyday, and they play so well.

 Abby showing such concern when Kent blew out the candles on his cake.

Playing telephone at the restaurant with things they had on hand.

Cuddles with fruit snacks and Ammon, what more could anyone ask for.

Long walks...

to the beach, which is second best to on the beach.


Climbing trees

Canoeing with the dads

Playing airplanes

The prince has come to take his princess away.

Abby helping Kent load his gun.

Kent has really blossomed since playing with Abby.  He is become so much more social, talkative, and imaginative.  We love Abby and her family and are so glad we all can be friends.

On the Table, in the Bumbo

For a while, before Addy got too wiggly, we would place her in the Bumbo on the table (I know, that is bad parenting, and that Bumbo warns against it) so she could see what everyone was doing.  She liked being up that high and we would entertain her by giving her something to play with:

the chocolate syrup container,

the puffs container (which she obviously figured out how to open),

or the honey dew rind.

Then she got too wiggly.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Where Did He Come From?

Kent is running around in his underwear a lot, but I promise it is ALL the time.

Maybe Addy was getting a little more attention than him.

He found that it was fun to put Ammon's socks on.

Sunny St. George

Now that both Ammon's parents and my grandparents live in St. George, we find ourselves there a bit more often.  Besides the heat of the summer and the 6 hour drive, we don't mind. 

I am in love with the water features in downtown St. George and my grandparents are always nice enough to take us down there when we come.  Kent is cute, but take note of the cute little girl being so protective of her brother in the background.

Addy is old enough to enjoy the water now too, with a little supervision of course.

Addy has a rash from the antibiotics she was on at the time, so she spent a lot of time naked.

I am not sure what this thing is, but it needed something replaced.  And since Ammon's grandpa has Parkinsons and Ammon's mom has a bad knee and shoulder, Ammon was nominated to climb the ladder, over a cliff I might add, and change whatever needed changed.  I had leave, I couldn't watch my husband's life be jeopardized, I love him that much.  Not to mention he would be a dead man if either of the kids even touched the ladder.

Tire swings at the Pendleton Park

A four-wheel trip with Grandma to the park

Addy with Great-Grandpa Pendleton

Don't you love how Kent placed his "shooters" on top of the doll in the stroller.  Side note: the doll and stroller was one of the only items to make it out of Ammon's parent's house fire.

At the Start of Summer

I have 4 articles due for the Deseret Corporation by Monday, and since I finished 1 I thought I would take a little break and blog in a hopes to catch up in the near future.

We had beautiful weather in Utah in the late spring and we found ourselves enjoying it to the fullest.  I think my kids are meant to live outside near sand and water.  I guess a sandbox and pool will have to do, because I am pretty sure California is not in our future.

Digging at the "Sand Park"

Addy in her cute sun hat.  Ammon says that kids don't need shoes till they walk, hence a barefoot Addy, but I don't think she minded.

First time in the pool, she is a fan.

This kid loves to play with the hose, good thing our friends don't pay for water.

Drying off.  Yes Kent has pink sunglasses, what can you do when his best friend is a girl?  Don't worry, we bought him a pair of red ones the following month.

Addy's first time in a swing.