Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amongst the wheat...

there are lentils. Some of you might be aware that the Palouse is the lentil capital of the world. This kind of accomplishment calls for celebration, therefore Pullman throws a huge party one weekend in August every year. Friday night includes free lentil chili and a street festival, Saturday comes with a parade down Main Street and a party at the park. I have been going to the lentil festival for as long as I can remember, some years more involved than others. Once year my cheerleader friends asked me to dress up in the greyhound mascot costume for the parade another year I helped host visiting cities as a Jr. Miss. alternate. All in all I love lentils and the lentil festival. This was Kent's second year and he seemed to enjoy it, Ammon just enjoys the free cotton candy.

Thanks firefighters for the hat...

and helping letting me dress up!

In front of the lentil train, believe it or not I rode this train all over Washington and Canada representing Pullman and the National Lentil Festival.

Like father like son

Clapping at the parade

And for ol' time sake...

Stirring the lentil chili years ago as a Jr. Miss

With Tase T. Lentil

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Buds!

Last night I watched Cade while Rachel went to a meeting and Brett traveled to Philadelphia. It was my parents anniversary, Ammon had a meeting, Robin had homework, so for most of the night it was Lance and I entertaining the boys. After a messy dinner we put the boys in the pool I had filled up outside.

After the sun went down and the boys started to shiver, we moved the party into the bathtub.

After a flood to the bathroom floor and a few shampoo mohawks we wrapped the boys up like burritos and laughed when Cade repeated our demand of "Don't pee!"

We danced,

ate ice cream cones,

and finished the evening with some goodnight kisses.

I hope these two always have as much fun with each other as they did tonight.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just a little off the back

Ammon claims Kent has had a mullet for some time, but us living in Ogden did not allow for Ammon's sister to give him his first haircut, which was important to me. So two days after we got back in town we treated Kent to his first cut. I think we can sum it up by saying he HATED it, but we think he looks a lot more like a little man now. Thanks Aubree!

The suck did not act as a distraction like we had hoped.

How many people does it take?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It was Friday the 30th of July, Ammon was completing his last day of work while I was home tending to Kent's every need as well as cleaning the house in order to leave by 5 to begin our trip home (don't you love how women are multitaskers). It is about 9:00 in the morning and I thought I would grab a bowl of snacks for Kent and place him in front of the shower while I cleaned myself up a little. I figured the earlier I showered, the earlier I could have the bathroom cleaned and checked off the list of things to do. Well as we, I had Kent by the left hand, were walking out of the kitchen his legs gave way and he collapsed only to catch himself with his right hand and forehead. Of course he cried and cried and I attributed it to the fact that it was nearing nap time. Therefore I quickly rearranged my schedule and laid Kent and myself down for a nap. After he woke up I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba (yes the unbelievably obnoxious show on Nick Jr.) handed over the bowl of snacks from the prior shower attempt and jumped in the shower. After I was done Kent began to cry again and being the mother I am figured it was just lunch time. I fed him, or tried to feed him and as I was wiping his hand off he let out a yelp. I knew something was hurt I just wasn't sure what, his hand or arm. I tried to get him to climb the stairs, he wouldn't, tried to get him to crawl, he wouldn't until I took his blanket away and he went for it and collapsed as he put his right hand on the floor. So with a wet head and no makeup I headed down the street to InstaCare. The doctor checked him out, said he was 80% sure he had a buckle fracture in his arm, but instead made us wait 45 minutes for an X-ray to find out it was indeed broken. We came home with another blue cast and a frazzled mother who still had an apartment to clean. Our landlords were so kind to let me skip vacuuming the living room and mopping the kitchen floor and thanks to that we got out of Ogden at out scheduled 5 pm.

The cast only slowed him down for about 24 hours.

Not happy he can't swim in the pool without the cast cover on his arm.