Friday, May 25, 2012

Trip to Washington - Back in February

 Back in February, the kids and I took a trip out to Washington for almost two weeks.  Ammon was scheduled to go to New Mexico again for work, so we thought we would escape being home alone.  We had a great time hanging out with family.  I think I made Rachel, Cade, and McCall hang out with us every day.  Here is a picture diary of what we did:

Grandma tried her darnedest to potty train Kent (he is potty trained now).

Pretty much the cutest group of cousins there is.

Glowsticks in the tub.

Best of friends.

Hide and seek in the box.

We even got to attend a WSU basketball game...Go Cougs!

I bought the boys a big thing of popcorn, look how happy Cade looks.

Grandpa gave up his court-side seats to sit by us...DURING HALFTIME!

The whole crew.

We played in the snow. This is one of my favorite pictures of Kent and Wiley.

Kent didn't like the snow fight he and Cade had.

A trip of Grandpa's new toy.

We colored the snow on grandma's deck, and the house (Thanks Rachel for cleaning it off).

Kent also got a little color.

The girls just spent time inside.

The boys played their first game of air hockey; Cade creamed Kent!

This is what our mornings looked like.  It was nice to have the Disney channel again.

We visited the grandparents at work.