Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of my blogging hiatus

Surely there would be a good reason for my lack of blogging the last few weeks, or a bad reason depending on how you look at it. I have been suffering from what some call morning sickness, but for some reason when I catch it, it is more like 24/7 sickness. Yes, baby #2 is on its way. I was hoping this pregnancy would be so much better than the first, but so far I am 0/2 on easy pregnancies and if I have anything to do with it I don't ever want to risk being 0/3. For about three weeks I have had continual nausea, and for the last two weeks have had trouble keeping food down. I called and requested a prescription of Zofran before my first appointment with the OBGYN and they gladly gave it to me after seeing my history. Bad news is that the Zofran isn't working, no matter how many mg I take however close together. Perhaps it is because it comes right back up after it goes down. We finally had to take me in for some IV therapy (something I had hoped to avoid this time around) this past week. We should have gone to the ER the night before, but wanting to save some money opted to wait it out until the next day when we could go into the office. After two nurses, three tries, one vein infiltrated, three hours, and two liters of fluid we were back at home. It looks as if this might be a weekly occurrence until the morning sickness is gone. The one silver lining to the past few weeks is that Ammon had yet to start work (a story for another time, he starts tomorrow). Ammon has done an amazing job taking care of Kent, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Since I pretty much lay in bed all day he has picked up the slack beautifully. What a blessing it has been to have him home. As for the weeks to come, wish us luck, I have a feeling Kent and I will be spending a lot of time watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons on YouTube in bed. When I get enough energy I will scan in the current photo of baby #2.