Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Dad, (#2)

Yesterday Mom's friend Jessica came to visit. Last night they dragged me from store to store while they shopped for girl stuff. I wished you were there because it was miserable. I did get to stay up later than normal because I was going to sleep in your bed so Jessica could sleep in mine. Today we got to go to the beach. Mom even let me bring my shovel and buckets. Jessica and Mom tried building a sandcastle, but I would stomp of it every time. I loved the sand and I loved the water.

At the very end of our stay there the seagulls came back around. I chased them and chased them, but I never could catch them. I finally got tired and sat down. Mom thought this picture was cute.

Tonight Mom and Jessica decided they would put together baby sister's new swing. They wanted to prove they could do it without any men. Just between you and me, they struggled a little bit at the start, but alas baby sister has a swing, except I think it is better suited for my puppies and blankets, what do you think?

Come home soon,
Love Kent

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Dad, (#1)

We are now half way through your 12 day absence and I thought I would let you know what Mom and I have been up to, besides watching episode after episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that is. As you know we of course spent the first few days up in Rexburg with Uncle Lance and Aunt Robin. The air conditioner was broken and it was very hot, although Mom complained a lot she somehow survived. On Sunday night we went to Uncle Jared and Aunt Jo's for dinner. Look what I got to do...

Uncle Jared took me for a ride on Aunt Jo's scooter or as I call it a "motorcycle". I wouldn't mind if you bought me one of those.

On Monday we went to the zoo in Idaho Falls. Here is my photo journal from there:

We started by feeding the ducks. All sorts of ducks were there, not just the common Mallards.

Then we got to feed and pet the goats. Man were they hungry.

I saw chickens.

Uncle Lance and I pretended we were chickens.

I decided I would pretend I was a monkey too. Uncle Lance had a hard time prying me off the fence.

We also visited Africa, I don't think I want to live there.

But I could get used to riding tigers around.

On Tuesday Mom and Uncle Lance took me to the coolest splash pad, much better than the one in Riverdale and South Ogden. This one had slides and you know I love a good slide.

Even though the water was cold, I went again and again. One time I even went on my belly and got a face full of water.

There was also a carnival going on in the park for the kids getting ready to go back to school. Uncle Lance and I got to play a few games.

I golfed. After a while I got frustrated that the noodle they gave me was not as sufficient as the clubs I have at home, so I decided I would just throw the balls through the holes. It worked a lot better.

I also got to make big bubbles with Mom.

And eat the popcorn the police department was giving away. This little puppy wanted to share with me.

Uncle Lance and I also ran through the firetrucks hose and went swinging on the swings. All in all it was a good and busy day. I was so hungry that during dinner at the restaurant I tried crayon. I don't suggest it, especially the red one. Wednesday was our last day there and we went bowling for my first time. Believe it or not I won. Mom was not to happy that baby sister was throwing off her balance, or at least that is what she claimed, I think she and Uncle Lance have just lost their game.

We have to get me a pair of those bowling shoes.

Just to prove I am not lying.

That afternoon we went back to the splash pad with Aunt Jo and Cousin Hattie.

Uncle Lance took me on the carousel there. When it stopped I said, "What's happening?"

I also felt the need to embarrass Mom and run around with my bucket on my head.

On Thursday Mom and I drove home. It is really hot in Ogden, almost 100 since we have been home. Mom says it is too hot to go outside so we stay inside and play. She built Puppy this...

and I through a fit because Puppy doesn't belong in a dog house. Mom thought she was pretty creative though.

We love and miss you Dad, please come home soon to play with me.

Love, Kent

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Might Make Ammon Cringe

But I thought I would post it anyway for memory sake. When I went to school I got a new laptop, a graduation gift from my parents. Dell was a big manufacturer of PCs at the time, and one of their sub-quality computers fell into my hands. To give consumers a little credit, it was unknown at how horrible they were at this point. And to give Dell a little credit, my roommate's Dell outlived mine by a few years. I was however grateful to have a computer so I didn't have to do my school work at the computer lab. Within the first year or so it kicked the bucket, but since it was still under warranty I was privileged to spend countless, really countless, hours talking to someone in India who finally sent me a replacement. Towards the end of my senior year the battery stopped charging and it would only function plugged into a wall, not to mention it was incredibly slow. At this point in time my family made our switch to Macs and haven't gone back. I however kept this heavy Dell with me through my first year of teaching for my students to use, and then of course marrying a computer nerd you can't get rid of things like that. Kent inherited it as a "toy" or in other words it became Ammon's first attempt to familiarize his son with computers. It made the trip to Utah, but unfortunately it finally met its death.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandma Visits and We Visit

The last week of July my mom flew in to stay with us for the week. My dad was attending a conference in Phoenix and we were more appealing to her than the weather there. As soon as we picked her up at the airport we drove south to St. George to visit her parents and Ammon's mom and grandpa. While there my mom, Ammon's mom, and I got to go to Tuacahn and see The Little Mermaid. It was really good, and worth the 90 degree weather we had to endure from 9-11 at night. We also spent a good deal of time shopping and enjoying the water features and carousel in downtown St. George.

Tell me you can't see the joy on that kids face.

And here again.

He ran so much back and forth down this "river sidewalk" his pants fell down.

Here are five of us "riding horses". We forced my grandma to ride, but by the look on her face you know she had fun.

We all spent a good deal of time watching Kent's first ride.

Ammon's grandpa, Kent, and Ammon.

Day 2 riding the carousel again, this time with Dad and Grandma Mills.

Watching Toy Story 3 with Grandma Mills and Dad. Look at how Ammon and Kent are sitting...I think they have some of the same DNA.

And last but not least, a stop at IKEA on the way home. Letting Kent push the cart was the only way to keep him entertained after 4 hours in the car.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where did this come from?

All of the sudden the other day Kent started busting out moves. We had never seen him dance like this before. We are unsure of whether we should be embarrassed/worry that our son can move his hips like this or whether we should just laugh? Right now we just laugh, we'll worry later.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Little Randomness to the Mix

Here are a few random pictures from the last month that I wanted to share:

This is the kitten that jumped up into our car one Saturday as we were about to leave. After about 30 minutes of trying to coax it out (I wouldn't let Ammon start the engine), Ammon finally was able to get his arm far enough down to grab it. It quickly ran to the horse pasture behind our apartment. Kent was concerned for the remainder of the day about the kitten, and still sometimes tries to look under the hood for random animals, most recently a coo-coo bird.

Ammon's dad was stuck in Evanston, WY for a few days and we were lucky enough to get a visit from him. How cute are the three of them reading a bedtime story.

We taught Kent to put away the silverware from the dishwasher, meaning we are one step closer to delegating all chores. He does really good sorting the utensils, only occasionally do you get a big fork or spoon when you want a little one.

Ever seen a green grape amongst red ones? How is that for random?

Kent calls my glasses "eyes" and constantly wants to wear them. When I tell him no he always goes and tracks down this headband and puts them on as his "eyes". He will wear them for hours and sometimes even begs to go outside and ride his bike with them. We think he looks like that guy from Star Trek with them on.

32 weeks, mind you this picture is in the morning, I seem to grow by inches by the time night rolls around.

Monday, August 8, 2011

4th of July and Pioneer Day

When you live in the state of Utah during the month of July you don't only get one holiday with fireworks, you get two; you don't only get one holiday with parades, you get two; you don't only get one holiday...well you get it. Utah not only celebrates the 4th, but also the 24th, which so happens to be Pioneer Day, a state holiday celebrating the day in which the pioneers settled Utah. In fact I would sadly say this holiday is celebrated more than the 4th itself. This year was especially celebratory because aerial fireworks, which were once banned, were allowed. Let me tell you, Utah residents went crazy. Coming from Washington, they were not a big deal for us, but for everyone else I am pretty sure families spent hundreds lighting off personal fireworks that left the ground. The only time we minded it was when they were shot off in our parking lot past the legal cut off time of 10. This was also the first year that we introduced Kent to fireworks. He loved sparklers and the two little race cars we bought him for a few bucks. We had a BBQ with some friends for the 4th and actually celebrated pioneer day early with a ward activity that included snow cones (they were a hit) and a bike parade.

Ammon and Kent watching the race car zoom back and forth.

Kent thought it was fun to wave the sparkler at the weeds, good thing it's been a wet summer.

More sparkler fun

Our little cowboy

Pushing one of his girlfriends on his tractor

We hooked a rope up to his tractor so Ammon could pull him in the parade.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

When Kent Can't Find the Ball...

he improvises, with himself. This is how we found Kent one morning after we finished cleaning up breakfast. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Trip to Pullman #2

Ammon left a day early from the family reunion to head to New Mexico for work, so I headed home with my parents. Even though I hate the long drives from this area to Pullman it was well worth it to not be alone forever and to meet my new niece. The first stop we made was to see the new, beautiful McCall Udy. They had just gotten home from the hospital. She doesn't look anything like Cade did as a newborn, I think she looks more like Brett's baby pictures. Regardless, she is loved. Kent enjoyed his time home playing with his best friend Cade, and I enjoyed him having a playmate.

This is what a picnic at the river and a Costco run does to the boys. I loved it cause I got to ride home with Rachel and leave Mom and Dad to the boy watching.

I am sure this is not the first time these two are going to make her mad.

McCall was not in the picture taking mood as you can see. One day she will love her aunt just as much as her brother does.

The boys reunited.

Grandma bought Cade a matching outfit and of course we had to get a picture taken of the two of them.

But this is what they would rather do.

While I was home my mom and I went through dozens of boxes of stuff from when we were kids. Mostly toys and books. I sanitized them and brought them in for the grandkids to play with. Kent loved my kitchen stuff and when not being supervised would cook in the real oven. (Dad I hope you are still grateful it was me cleaning the garage with mom and not you)

Wiley gets lots of extra attention when Kent and I are home, mostly in the name of treats where Kent is involved. Here Kent and him are cuddling in the morning.

Rachel and I made flower clips while we were home. Rachel put them in Kent's hair one night and took a picture to send to Ammon to spite him. Ammon is always teaching Cade to say "naughty" words, so this was a little payback. Ammon despises anything girly on his son.