Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What else do you do?

What else do you do when you are alone on a Tuesday night? Update your blog, what else! So as you can see I was way behind on my blogging. This post will be more random than anything, but contains a few cute and funny pictures. During the previous week I had the opportunity to sub all five days in a sophomore English class at the high school. I really did enjoy myself a lot, it made me miss teaching in Morgan. I had quite the rang of students, from one who wrote nasty things in the textbook and told me to F off, to a class full of class clowns that reminded me of two of my 6th grade students in Morgan. One student decided to draw a less than attractive picture of me on the white board. Although it is a quite ugly rendition I thought I would capture the memory for Kent's baby book.

I just thought this was a cute picture of Cade with Lance's guitar.

Spring Break

Ammon and I decided we would take advantage of Ammon's Spring Break to travel to Tacoma in order to visit his brother Jason and his family. We don't really get to see them that often, so it was really nice to take a few days to just hang out with them. Jason had just purchased a new big screen tv and a Wii, so you can only imagine Ammon's favorite activity while over there. He really enjoyed playing video games with his brother again, they really were like kids in a candy store. Needless to say Ammon would now like one, and I admit it was pretty fun to play (although the games I liked were different than the ones Ammon preferred). We both had a lot of fun playing with our three nieces; we played anything from castle to babies. On the last night there we decided to take the girls to Chuck E. Chesse's. The girls were so cute and fun to watch. On our way home Ammon was kind enough to take me shopping. I know it is one of Ammon's least favorite things to do, but he was quite a trooper. He even got kind of excited to pick out a few items of clothing for our baby. It was really a sweet moment for me to see that. He is a great husband, he even bought me a maternity swimsuit. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

How can you not melt with a smile like that.

Ashley and Emily on a huge rocking horse.

Emily loved riding the clock.

Ashley loved watching herself dance on the big screen tv.

Lance's Homecoming

So I said that I would post this a while ago, but lets be honest, I am not that good at blogging. It has been great to have Lance home. I like to say that he came home a lot more normal than Brett did. It must be one of the differences between foreign and state-side missionaries. My sign turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Too bad it went straight to the trash after we were done with it. Here are some pictures of his homecoming. Take note of Cade's little onesie. My mom and I ordered it for him. It said, "Welcome Home Uncle Lance" in scrabble tiles. For those of you who don't know, Scrabble is one of Lance's favorite games, perhaps because he can beat anyone he plays.

Lance was the first off the plane.

The first time Cade met Uncle Lance.

Everyone who came to the airport; all of my uncle Mike's family, Lance's best friend Chase, my aunt Molly, cousin Eric, Rachel, her sister Lindsay, Ammon, Ammon's brother Jared, Mom, Dad, and me.

The finished product.

Cade with his little onesie and great smile.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dog diarrhea, my 6th graders, and Cade

I started off yesterday by walking my dog in a blizzard. Now I know my dog needs to be walked everyday, twice a day. Although I don't like it, I do it. However, on March 9th I did not think that the walk would be in a complete white out. That was just the start. It wasn't until an hour later that I realized that was not going to be my last walk of the morning, but my first of 4. Yep that's right, evidently my little Wiley had a little too much people food the night before leaving him with a sick stomach and doggy diarrhea. Now with each walk the snow just kept getting deeper forcing us to walk in the tire tracks and poop in the tire tracks. He has only pooped in the street once before when no one was around, but yesterday was a different story. We held up 1 car on each of the first 3 walks and, yep you guessed it, a snow plow on the final walk. "Unbelievable," is all I had to say.

As many of you know my little brother Lance gets home from his mission tomorrow. I have determined that they don't require the sisters to serve missions when they are 19 because their calling is to make "Welcome Home" signs for their brothers that go on missions. I made a sign when my older brother got home, with the help of the cousins, and yesterday I made the sign for the my little brother, with the help of Wiley. Now the sign is not that great because the paper Mom got was orange, of all colors. What am I supposed to do with orange?! So I razor bladed out the letters that spelled "Welcome home Elder Udy" and put colored paper behind them. Wiley assisted by taking his body, complete with snowball covered fur, and laid down right on the sign. Now I try not to blame him for the wet, wrinkly spots it left because the poor guy did not feel well and just wanted to be close to his mom. Here is a picture of the sign not completed. I will post a a better picture tomorrow when we hang the sign up.
Today I got mail!!! When I was teaching last year in Morgan, Utah I had my students enter their poetry, photography, and art they did in class to the school districts art/literature competition. The winning entries were to be placed in a "magazine" during this fall. Well one of the mom's saved me a copy and mailed it to me. It was great to see my students' work published. I am so proud of them and miss teaching a lot.

And finally here are some pictures of Cade for you Cole. Check out him flipping off my dad in the picture with the bunny.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cade's First Airplane

As most of you know my older brother is a pilot. For Christmas my mom bought Cade his first airplane, mind you Cade was not even born yet. We finally got it out of the box, put it together, and charged it. Here are some pictures of Cade piloting his first plane.