Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playgroup at the Gym

Awhile back I convinced my friend to take the kids up to Brigham City to a gym that hosts a playgroup for kids.  It was a really fun activity to break up all the times we just go to the park.  They pretty much let the kids have free reign, they could do anything they wanted.  Kent really had a blast.  We will have to go back sometime when we are getting tired of the activities around our neighborhood.

Kent and Abby (she is just to the right of him) jump on the inflatable twister board.

Hanging on the rings.  I was a bit leery of him hanging on bars or rings, seeing how last time he did so he broke his leg, but whats a mom to do, I don't want to hold him back.

The foam pit was a hit, but very hard to get out of, for adults and kids alike.

Addy was just content to sit and watch.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Caught with his pants down!

At the beginning of the summer Kent became extremely active, in turn making his shorts extremely loose.  We frequently would turn around to see Kent like this...

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I have often said that I thought Kent was going to be my right-brained child.  Now how much truth there is to that, we won't know for years.  But here is some of his artistic side.

Photography-Self Portrait

Photography-Basketball (Although he got part of his finger across the bottom of this picture, I love the composition)

Painting-Just starting out

Painting-In the middle (I forgot to take a picture of him when he was finished, but he had at least 11 papers fully painted and spread across the table)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Easter Bunny Came

This Easter was really the first Easter that Kent understood the concept of the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts, which made it all the more fun.  We did one hunt with the MOMS Club I am part of, one with the city we live in, and one at home.  We had plenty of candy to last us for a while.  While my parents were here in the weeks prior to Easter they brought the movie Hop for Kent to watch.  Now Kent thinks that the Easter Bunny poops jelly beans; I guess the Easter Bunny will always leave a trail of poop in our house.

Kent's first experience finding eggs.  Luckily the older kids hunting were kind enough to leave eggs for the little ones to find too.

Going through the loot.

Dying Easter eggs.  I think Ammon enjoyed this activity more than anyone.  His goal was to make the darkest egg he could.  He even boiled more eggs so he had some to leave in the dye overnight.  Don't worry, we didn't eat those ones.

Kent had to do it all by his self.

The Easter Bunny's layout.

The trail of bunny poop.

Kent would find an egg and instantly open it to dump the candy out.  He was so excited about Skittles and Starbursts.

He got his favorite movie Bolt.  This movie is watched more than any other movie in the house.

AddiLynn got a gloworm.

The kids in their Easter outfits.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Front Runner - First Train Ride

My parents and grandparents came to visit shortly after the new City Creek Shopping Center opened in Salt Lake.  We all wanted to see it and instead of taking cars and messing with driving, we decided to ride the Front Runner down.  This was Kent and AddiLynn's first train ride.  Kent absolutely loved it, especially when his dad took him up top.  We were not too impressed with City Creek, especially when we had no money to spend, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. 

Everyone in our party, Grandma, Kent, Great-Grandpa and Ma Larsen, Grandpa, Great-Aunt Claron, and Dad .

Great-Grandpa and Ma with Addy.

Grandma and Kent.  He was seriously this happy the whole time.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Little About Kent

I am bound and determined to keep this blog up, but we seem to do more things and take more pictures then I can blog about in a reasonable amount of time.  But I will still give it my best effort.  Kent is growing like a weed, he recently turned 3 and will start preschool in a few weeks.   Whenever I tell him he is going to go to preschool he says, "Don't leave me!"  The kid still has an intense fear of being left.

I took Kent to a preschool-type program at the Ogden Nature Center.  They learned about things that swim.  Here is a fish magnet he caught.

Using a magnifying glass to inspect the turtle a little closer.

Chasing the wild turkeys.

We bought new storage for the kids' toys and then recycled the box into a makeshift rocket for Kent.  We took it to a park and pushed him down a hill.  We call it warm weather sledding, unfortunately it doesn't work as well as a snow sled, but it was worth a shot.

This kid still loves all things CANDY!

Hiding in a laundry basket with a flashlight.

While Ammon was on TDY last time, I took Kent and introduced him to ICEEs at Target.  Now every time we enter Target he asks for one.  He also recently learned that Grandma Udy's Walmart also has ICEEs.

When you go to the park as often as we do you have to find ways to make the park more interesting.  Here Kent is racing his cars down the slide.

Kent has a fascination with motorcycles.  Ammon was able to construct one from Duplos.  I can out the morning after and found that Kent had found a rider for it. 

No day is complete without Kent needing to tote around "stuff".  Here he is with Mickey, his blanket, and Buzz.  Don't worry, everything has to stay in the car when we get wherever we are going.

One of Kent's favorite activities for a while was helping my great-aunt Claron and her daughter Kris pop popcorn for Sunday night treats at her house.  After it was popped, it was his job to deliver it to everyone in the living room.  I think he only spilled one once. 

He is getting pretty good at his balance bike.  I think next summer he will be ready for a two wheeler with pedals.