Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kent turned 3!

Back in June, Kent celebrated his 3rd birthday.  We didn't plan on doing much but it ended up both sets of grandparents, one set of great-grandparents, and 3 cousins were in town (thanks to Ragnar) so we decided to gather at the park for sandwiches and cake. My mom and I decided it would be easiest to buy a cake from Costco just plainly frosted and then decorate it ourselves.  I think it turned out well.  I couldn't convince my mom to do the intricate cakes she used to do for us as kids, but I did convince her to do a majority of it, minus the letters and dog paws which I contributed. Of course this didn't happen on his real birthday.  On that day we took him to get donuts and let him open a few presents in the morning, then during the day my friend and I took the kids canoeing.  He opened the rest of the presents from us that night. 

A happy birthday greeting from cousin Cade!

We go to my great-aunts house most every Sunday. The Sunday before Kent's birthday we made dog bone cookies to celebrate.

Addy didn't hold back.


Donuts and presents in the morning.

Thanks for the books Auntie Sarah!

Canoeing during the day.

Kent and his best friend Abby hanging out on his birthday.


This is how we open presents when no one is there on his real birthday.

More presents when Grandma and Grandpa Udy came.

Happy Birthday Mater was a hit.

Look at her go.  I recall quite a few swear words when she used to do this when I was a kid, but she obviously has since cleaned up her act, cause she was quite a pleasant and helpful cake decorator.

Weird smile from the birthday boy.

We even got him a pinata for him to hit open.

Putting together some birthday puzzles with Grandma.

We went camping!

For Christmas this past year my parents invested in some quality camping gear for us to you and I can proudly say we used it once this summer.  We really should have used it more seeing how there is over 20 places to camp within 30 or so minutes from us, but camping is a lot of work!  We went with our friends the Crosbys and had a wonderful time.  The kids were well behaved, the weather was nice for the most part, and the Crosbys are experienced campers which helped Ammon and I out.  We spent quite a bit of time at the beach on Friday night, we didn't even put the babies in their suits, but a diaper was all they needed to catch the sand.  I can't even put into words the amount of sand I cleaned off of Addy after she was done playing. 

I finally have a water baby!

Perhaps a trip to the beaches of Hawaii or The Dominican Republic are in order once we have extra money, she will be at least 15 by that time.


Pineview Reservoir will do until then.

My little explorer.

Of course the dads needed to teach them the proper way to play in the sand.


Morning time fruit snacks.

There was a lot of of stick guitar playing.

Someone doesn't like the cold like his father.

Monday, November 12, 2012

One Long Post of Random Pictures

Addy's first ponytail

Kent inherited the need to use his tongue when concentrating from me.

The kids enjoyed our beach ball sprinkler.

Kent and I went to a potting class and then killed these flowers in the following month.

Addy discovered the dishwasher.

Ammon joined us for a little water fun.

Addy and her friend Maddy drying off.

Addy loved Kent's hats.

Just a cute picture of Addy with her first jelly shoes.

We have a neighborhood cat...

who simply liked to hang wherever we were.  Eventually she had a kitten in our neighbors apartment and we found them both a home.

Harrisville got a splash pad, the kids loved it sometimes and hated it sometimes.  They like the pool a lot more.

Kent was jealous that Addy got to take a bath and he didn't.  He solved the problem by jumping in with her.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kent's Other Best Friend

All my blog readers know that Kent's best friend is his cousin Cade and that no one could replace Cade in Kent's heart, but this little girl is coming close.  Abby and Kent play together almost everyday, and they play so well.

 Abby showing such concern when Kent blew out the candles on his cake.

Playing telephone at the restaurant with things they had on hand.

Cuddles with fruit snacks and Ammon, what more could anyone ask for.

Long walks...

to the beach, which is second best to on the beach.


Climbing trees

Canoeing with the dads

Playing airplanes

The prince has come to take his princess away.

Abby helping Kent load his gun.

Kent has really blossomed since playing with Abby.  He is become so much more social, talkative, and imaginative.  We love Abby and her family and are so glad we all can be friends.

On the Table, in the Bumbo

For a while, before Addy got too wiggly, we would place her in the Bumbo on the table (I know, that is bad parenting, and that Bumbo warns against it) so she could see what everyone was doing.  She liked being up that high and we would entertain her by giving her something to play with:

the chocolate syrup container,

the puffs container (which she obviously figured out how to open),

or the honey dew rind.

Then she got too wiggly.