Sunday, August 11, 2013

TTW - An Attempt at Formal Pictures

One day we will learn that if you want a large group picture it is better to hire a photographer, but in the mean time we will settle for amateur photos, unphotoshopped kids, and a Grandpa Leo with increased blood pressure from uncooperative kids.  We didn't have everyone in the family there, but anytime you are only missing a few people you might as well document it.  This time we were only missing Ammon, Lance, and Robin and we had my Larsen grandparents there.

In the words of Addy, "I being princess."

The sun was a killer for some.

One decent shot

Another decent shot.

Just the kids. 

And last but not least, Addy thought the doggie door looked like a far easier option compared to the wide open screen door next to her.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trip to Washington - Four Wheeling

One afternoon while the girls napped, my dad and Brett took the boys out to the Lehmitz farm to do some four-wheeling.  Of course the boys loved it, one of Kent's favorite things is the enormous helmet he gets to wear.  They were also lucky enough to meet the Lehmitz's new litter of kittens and told us all about how they climbed all over them.  Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Washington Trip - What Doesn't Fit

We did lots of things while we were in Pullman which will be documented in later posts, but for now I have a few random pictures that don't fit into their own post.  

My cousin Dallin came home from his mission to Brazil. No one bats an eye at a missionary's family overtaking the airport in Salt Lake; it is expected, especially mid-week.  But having that much family welcome someone home at the Lewiston or Pullman airport gets a lot of stares, it happened with both my brothers and now Dallin.  But regardless of the stares, we do it because we are so proud of those missionaries for dedicating 2 whole years of their lives to missionary service.  

Jami and Kent goofing off while we waited for Dallin's luggage.  

The weather was HORRIBLE while we were there.  But at least there was some beauty after the storms.  

We did some dog sitting.  

Auntie Aubree made this water-filled jumping pad that the kids enjoyed.

A less than quiet duet on the piano.

Early morning sewing projects with Grandma.