Sunday, August 11, 2013

TTW - An Attempt at Formal Pictures

One day we will learn that if you want a large group picture it is better to hire a photographer, but in the mean time we will settle for amateur photos, unphotoshopped kids, and a Grandpa Leo with increased blood pressure from uncooperative kids.  We didn't have everyone in the family there, but anytime you are only missing a few people you might as well document it.  This time we were only missing Ammon, Lance, and Robin and we had my Larsen grandparents there.

In the words of Addy, "I being princess."

The sun was a killer for some.

One decent shot

Another decent shot.

Just the kids. 

And last but not least, Addy thought the doggie door looked like a far easier option compared to the wide open screen door next to her.


Phill and Jessica said...

This last shot is a keeper! I see it popping up in a yearbook (maybe in the Parent's tribute section) in her future! Love! :)

miriam said...

I don't think hiring a professional makes much difference except for the quality of the pictures. We just attempted a group of 19 and I'm pretty sure there isn't one where my children are even looking at the camera or pulling my hair in all different directions.