Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

We decorated the tree...

Kent made a necklace out of the tangled lights.

Ammon strung the lights on the tree while Addy supervised.

Kent couldn't wait to decorate and hung ornaments (too close together) before Ammon could get done with the lights.

We saw Santa and his reindeer...

Kent wants a motorcycle for Christmas.

Addy was a tad bit hungry at this point.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Eastern Side

After we were done in Tacoma, we hopped a flight to Pullman for a few days. Can I just tell you that flying into Pullman should be considered one of the biggest luxuries (thanks again Aspen for the buddy passes). It felt so good to land and know we were only 5 minutes from home, as opposed to an hour and a half when we fly into Spokane. However, that is beside the point. We had a ton of fun at home, which consisted of the boys playing (no surprise there), shopping, watching TV (barely because the kids were so loud you couldn't hear anything), sleeping, and eating. Here is the photo montage of our time there...

The boys developed a new fascination with Grandpa's hats. They would try to knock each others' hats off by hitting one bill with the other. Pretty hilarious for those of us watching. This is a picture of Cade so graciously putting Kent's hat back on after he knocked it off.

This is what we call a Grandpa sandwich

Keeping the boys quiet for a little bit is possible with a little bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Sword fighting. I bought and then cut in half a pool noodle the last summer we were home. They were meant to be used as baseball bats, but alas we have two swords.

Kent officially played in the snow for the first time. He liked it, but got cold quickly. He is definitely his father's son. When Rachel asked Kent what the snow tasted like he replied, "Snowmen."

Riding the new member of the family

Naps with Grandpa

Much to Ammon's dismay, Kent likes to play with kitchen toys. These are mine from when I was growing up. Here the boys were having a tea party. Ammon is glad that these toys are 10 hours away in Washington.

The girls officially met each other.

Lastly, the boys thought it was pretty cool when Grandpa shone his flashlight through the boys' cheeks and they could see the light inside their mouths.