Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Math Equation

The cost of feeding my family Top Ramen ≤ The cost of changing one of Kent's diapers

Don't worry we are working on potty training and this is what Kent has had to say about it so far...
  • After passing a little gas while trying to go poop he said, "It's a bubble."
  • When I told him to poop he said, "Wee wee doesn't poop."
  • He also called his "wee wee" a rocket
  • When he looked down and saw his poop for the first time he said, "chocolate," when we told him it was poop he said, "chocolate poop."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas Vacation-Addy's Blessing

Since all of my family (sans my Udy grandparents) and some of Ammon's family (Ammon's parents moved to St. George in December) were in St. George for Christmas we decided to bless AddiLynn while we were there. It just so happened that it fell on Christmas, which was another thing to make the day special for us. The bishop of my grandparents' ward even commented on how it was nice to have a baby blessing on the same day we celebrated the birth of another baby, Christ. Ammon gave a great blessing and was joined by my dad, his dad, my grandpa, my brothers, his brother James, my Uncle Kent, and his Uncle Kenny. AddiLynn looked so cute in her blessing dress.

AddiLynn in her blessing dress. The blanket that she is on is the one that was used with my brothers and my blessing, as well as Kent's.

My whole family with my mom's parents

Ammon's parents, brother James, and his uncle Kenny's family.

And our little forever family.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Christmas Vacation-Tuacahn

This year we spent Christmas in St. George with my family at my grandparent's house. Everyone from Pullman flew into Las Vegas and drove up, Lance and Robin flew into St. George, and Ammon and I drove down. My uncle Kent and his family also drove up from Vegas to spend part of the time with us. Seeing how it is almost two months after we ventured south for Christmas I thought it was time I finally hunkered down and blogged about it. I have been overwhelmed at the amount of pictures we took over vacation and thus avoided blogging. I have decided to break it up into little segments based on the activities we participated in. This is the first installment...

A mile up the rode from my grandparent's house is an popular outdoor theater called Tuacahn. every Christmas they put on a live nativity program and have Santa up there to visit with. We decided we would head up for the occasion. My grandparent's stayed home and tended Addy, but the rest of us went. It was nice to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas among the traditions of gifts and Santa. We had been teaching Kent all December about baby Jesus and Christmas. When we would ask him, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" he would reply, "Because baby Jesus was born." Then we would ask, "Where was he born?" and he would say, "In the town of Bethlehem." I would like to say that was all us doing the teaching, but really we can thank a board book I bought that we read to him at night. But nonetheless it was pretty cute. He loved seeing the little "play" of baby Jesus being born, especially the animals they had on stage. It was a fairly cold night, so we came home to hot chocolate and popcorn, courtesy of the babysitters.

I know she is not my kid, but I could not resist putting this priceless picture on the blog. McCall just stared and stared at Santa and he just ate her up.

Finally a decent looking Santa.

True to form.

Our two cute elves.

Group shot

The boys and the popcorn machine. They loved watching it pop, they would giggle and giggle. Kent still talks about Grandpa Larsen's popcorn machine.