Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Kent

On the 11th of June our little guy turned two. We can hardly believe it, but we would rather have him be two when the new baby is born than one. We did not celebrate hardly at all (partly because Ammon was out of town), for which I feel bad, but Kent could care less. In the morning I took Kent to get breakfast, a doughnut with sprinkles and chocolate milk. He was content with that. I should have put two candles in his doughnut but didn't even think about it. I also took him to the Treehouse Museum here in town for a few hours and let him play around. On Sunday we let him open gifts from us, but didn't do a cake because he doesn't like cake. In the future we are going to have to find out what kind of dessert he would like better so we have something to serve. If you asked him right now he would say, "fruit snacks." Here is Kent on his special day and playing with his new toys, the video is hilarious (well at least to us), he is saying "swing-a-batta" if you can't understand. Thanks for the gifts everyone!

His new bath-time letters

The water table that he got from his Auntie Sarah has been a hit!

Puzzles and Toy Story 2 from Mom and Dad

Kent playing with his new t-ball set from Grandma and Bumpa

Friday, July 8, 2011

The start of blogging catch-up (Lance's Wedding Week)

The thought of catching up our blog recently has made me panic, so I have just avoided it, thus causing the "catch-up" to get longer and longer. We have done so many fun things since I last blogged; took a trip to WA for my brother's wedding, bought a new car, celebrated Kent's birthday, had a family reunion, then Kent and I went back to WA because Ammon was leaving to New Mexico for a while, and then celebrated the 4th. Not to mention I have a few cute random pictures to share. I guess I will just start at the beginning and work my way through. It will probably take me a few weeks, so keep checking back.

The boys finally graduated to the "little kids' table".

The boys spend a lot of time playing together.

The boys each recieved a John Deere peddle car from Great-grandma/pa Udy. I loved the pictures of Kent trying to get in on all the action of putting them together. It showed his Udy blood coming through.

"The wheel goes here, right?"

We can't wait till his feet actually reach the peddles.

Here is the happy couple after coming out of the temple. If it looks like Lance is crying, he is. He was quite emotional (he always has been); he had waited for a long time for this day.

The group shot at the temple. Kent was quite the sour puss the morning, he just wanted his grandma.

Our attempt at a family picture, complete with an iTouch. We got a better one that night that I will post whenever I get a copy of the pictures.

There was a lot of waiting for the boys and when you don't want them to touch the lighted candles and petals, you pull out the iPad for entertainment.

The boys danced the night away.

This is pretty indicative of how we all felt at the end of the night. Thanks Lance and Robin for giving us a reason to celebrate!