Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drive-Thru Errands

I never used to use drive-thru services, i.e. banking, pharmacy. I figured it was just as easy to run inside and do what I needed to do. Perhaps it stemmed from living in Cache Valley for 4 years where they discouraged such practices because it often made the inversions just that much worse. Sometimes I even found myself unrighteously judging others using the drive-thrus, thinking they were lazy, but since have repented. Because now I know that those drive-thrus were full of mothers with babies and toddlers in the backseat. Whether they were avoiding waking up their little ones or simply avoiding the 10 minute process of unloading and loading kids I am unsure, but what I do know is that they were smart. Drive-thru banking and pharmacy services are just another ingenious invention that makes my life easier. They make it possible for me to run just two extra errands in a matter of 5 minutes, that would otherwise take me at least 30.

Sleeping kids (you can see Addy in the mirror) while I run my errands. When this picture was taken we were sitting in the pharmacy drive-thru, but you can see the bank drive-thru in the back left window that we had just visited.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You won't want to miss this post-All About Kent!

This kid cracks us up all day long. He is constantly saying and doing funny, sometimes mischievous, things. Here is a taste of some of those things...we hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of him as much as we do.


I had Kent in underwear for a few hours the other morning. As soon as I put it on, he pulled the front open and said, "Where's my wee wee?" I guess he just had to make sure it was still there.

Telling me a story he said, "The car crashed into the trees on the moon on the trees". Can you picture that? I tried to draw a picture for all of you, but it didn't do it justice.

He made a vacuum out of Duplos the other day and told me I could buy it for $300 at Costco.

We were going out to buy an Easter outfit for him. I explained that he could wear his Easter outfit to church. He then proceeded to tell me, "I want a cougar shirt and two ties for $100". Obviously he has both an obsession with dollar amounts and expensive tastes.


The other day while we were water-coloring he decided he needed to paint his lips. Where he got this idea, I don't know, I never wear lipstick.

Wearing Grandpa Mills' boots

After hearing splashing for a few minutes, I went to check on Kent in the bathroom. I found a clogged sink full of wet toilet paper that he was stirring with his toothbrush. And although both the sink and the toilet paper were clean I was still kind of grossed out, especially as I pulled wet toilet paper from the drain.

Mr. Potato Head getting his temperature taken. I think more might be wrong with him then just a fever.

A battle ensued and apparently Woody lost. Kent took this picture, can you tell by the camera cord?

Kent't bottem is always itchy, thanks in part to the dry Utah air and a case of eczema. You can see all the scratches on his bottom, but right above his crack you will notice he discovered a new way to itch...a ball point pen. Don't worry I threw the pen away when I discovered when he had been doing with it.

Hiding in the cabinet at his friend Lily's house.

For a while he had an obsession with poking holes in paper.

Collecting money in the couch.

In the Bumbo on the couch...I wish I could have video taped him trying to get out while not falling off the couch.

Watching "shows" in his new tent.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"The Jumping Place"

The day after we got back from St. George my friend Sarah flew into town to spend a few days with the kids and me. We did just a lot of hanging out at home, but did get out once to go to what Kent calls "the jumping place" or Kangaroo Zoo. We had a blast but by the time we were done we were tired and hot. Now whenever I ask Kent where he wants to go he says, "the jumping place."

Kent's gross motor skills have always been a little behind, but things like this always seem to help him immensely. If only it wasn't so expensive. I love seeing him climbing and jumping by himself.

Sarah and I took turns holding Addy...Go Cougs!

Kent and Me

This was his expression after having come down a pretty steep slide.

Thanks Auntie Sarah for the two balloons. Notice he is still holding on to them and sound asleep.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Christmas Vacation-Everyday Activities

This is the last of my Christmas posts, it's about time right? We had a great time just hanging out with each other during the days at both my grandparents' house and Ammon's grandpa's house (where his parents now reside).

Many a Grandpa sandwich

I love doing puzzles and bought one before we left to complete while in St. George. Kent picked it out...robots! One of his favorite things.

Not get together is complete without a cousin bath time. I don't think I have ever cleaned up so much water after a bath before, even the high sides of the Great-Grandma Larsen's big tub didn't help. They since have managed to make a bigger mess, but more on that in a later post.

A quick picture before they got to eat some of the candy off the gingerbread house my grandparents bought for the boys.

Kent always loves Great Grandpa Pendleton's M&M machine...he has it set so you don't even need a penny.

Airplane rides with Grandpa Mills

iPad addicts

Late morning snack

A ride in Great Grandpa Pendleton's elevator.

This is about how we all felt when we were done with the days. I still think I had reason to be the sleepiest, Addy was still at 2-3 bottles a night at this time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

At the Same Time

I am not quite sure whose bright idea it was to have both of these come out at about the same time, but they have become a major part of my diet.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did you know?

It has been 19 days since Ammon and I have been together and he gets home tonight! What I will never understand is why the telescope he programs is not in Utah or why the programmers of the telescope do not live in New Mexico. It makes absolutely no sense to me, but at least they are moving the telescope to Albuquerque, which might be a possible travel destination for the kids and me next time he travels. But yeah for husbands and fathers coming home, and kuddos to all those who deal with military deployment of their husbands/wives all the time or the single mothers/fathers out there...this has been hard.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Christmas Vacation- Santa Came (and Grandma and Grandpa)

This was the first year Kent really understood the concept of Santa Claus. It was really fun to talk him (Santa) up and see Kent's excitement. Kent and Addy came away with quite a stash this year, as did everyone else that was present. We are truly grateful to everyone for the gifts. It is nice to get a few of those "wants" that you don't spend your own money on. I finally got some new clothes that fit my post-pregnancy body (how long can I claim post-pregnancy?), Ammon got some Pixar DVDs he had been wanting, and together we got camping gear so we can fit in with everyone in Utah who camps throughout the summer.

Here is Cade and Kent posing for the camera before we let them walk down the hall.

Little did we know they would bear walk like crazy kids to see what Santa brought. Funny thing is Kent has not done the bear walk since then.

Shaking out his stocking...the kid loves candy, most of which was consumed prior to church.

New bike and helmet...the kid has such a large noggin we had to buy him one for 5-8 year olds.

Mr. Potato Head, if you ever want one and you see it at Costco, buy it then, if not you will be searching the area for one only to come up empty handed and have to buy it for an extra $18 on Amazon.

This is exactly what Addy did all morning.

For those who have taken a child development class, this is a prime example if parallel play.

Librarian Grandma gave lots of books.

Just for the record I was not to purchase this large house for Kent, you can thank Ammon's Grandpa and Ruth for that. Its large, we live in an apartment, Kent loves it!

The girls in their Christmas outfits.

Kent with two of his favorites...his Mickey Mouse mp3 player and his Cougar (the real Cougars) hat.