Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Visit From Aunt Aubree and Cousin Keaton

A few weeks ago we were privileged to get a visit from Ammon's sister Aubree and her little boy Keaton. Although it was only for two days, it was so nice to get a taste of family. You knew it was a special occasion because Ammon was willing to take Friday off to spend it with us, well most of Friday, he worked three hours in the morning. Friday was fun filled, we spent the day at Discovery Gateway, a children's museum in Salt Lake, gave Aubree her first taste of sweet pork salad (a Utah favorite), and spent the night enjoying the weather outside. Thanks for coming to visit Aubree! Now for the slew of pictures that were taken.

I think Ammon could have played at this ball and tube wall forever creating intricate pathways, Kent just thought putting a ball through two connected tubes was cool.

Both boys enjoyed this exhibit that had more balls and tubes with the added effect of suction.

Suprisingly Kent loved to play "house", or maybe he was just hungry.

Harvesting vegetables

Feeding a horse

Kent loved the water attractions.

Family picture in the playhouse

More balls and tubes

Kent could have pulled this dog around all day.

Group picture with the life flight helicopter

Playing with dad

Visiting Keaton in the little "birdhouse"

Ammon and I built a cage around Kent with the waffle blocks. He wasn't too fond of it, but we thought it was pretty neat.

Our little boy is growing up.

Kent loves the popcorn toy, and always wants to take it outside. I am sure it drives everyone around us crazy.

Aunt Aubree and Keaton enjoying a little drive.

This is how the boys ate breakfast; Keaton in the high chair, Kent on the table, both sets of eyes glued to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Build-A-Bear (or a dog in our case)

For Easter my parents gave Kent a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear in Salt Lake. We thought this would make a fun outing and took a trip down last month. You start by picking out what kind of animal you would like to stuff. Kent fell in love with the dogs.

We picked a jack russel terrier.

Kent pushed the pedal to help stuff it, then placed the heart inside. Putting the heart in was by far his favorite part, he even went back to grab a second heart to put in.

The dog has not been out of his sight since.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plugged In/It's a Girl

So I guess I should start this post by saying we found out last week we are having a little GIRL at the end of September. I am excited and Ammon is nervous. He had said, "I don't know what I am going to do with a girl." He is so funny and I am sure the little girl will have him wrapped around his little finger. Ammon let me buy one outfit at Gymboree on Friday, but when I asked to go into Old Navy he said no. He is so funny, but he knows me so well, I could spend a small fortune on girl clothes. He works hard for his money and I work equally hard not to spend it.

Next I just thought I would share a funny picture. This is how I found Ammon's headphones the other day. Little did we know music comes from doorknobs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Easter weekend ended up being different than what we expected. Lance was coming down from Rexburg and I was excited to take Kent to his first Easter egg hunt and then take Lance to Boondocks to play. Little did we know my appendix had other plans. Although I didn't get to do any of the planned activities, we did get to have my mom here for Easter which was a pleasant surprise. Ammon and Lance took Kent to the Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning, while Mom stayed home to help me out. Since they knew he would be slower than the other kids, they ran him to the end of the field to pick up eggs before the other kids got there. Little did they know the 8 or so eggs they collected each had a coupon for a free kid's meal at Sizzler. We had a pretty good laugh about that. Kent did score some fruit snacks, so he was happy.

On Sunday, we did get out of the house for a few hours to partake of Easter dinner with my great-aunt's family. We hope you all had a great Easter and were able to reflect on the reason in which we celebrate.

Yes I did wake Ammon up to take Kent to the Easter egg hunt (notice the hair).

Showing Uncle Lance his egg

With his basket

A common thing Easter weekend was waking Ammon and Lance up. They stayed up playing a game called Portal till the wee hours of the morning. I refused to let Kent suffer because they played. This picture says it all, "Uncle Lance, open your eyes, this is exciting!"

Kent loved the gold wrapping on the Rolos.

Beginning of checking out his Easter basket.

The aftermath of checking everything out.