Sunday, April 21, 2013

All about Kent

Our little Kent is embarking on 4 years of age and he can't be any cuter.  He has become quite the comedian, when he is not making up senseless jokes you can catch him saying funny things.  Here are a few pictures that describe so perfectly everything Kent.

Don't leave a pop can lying around cause before you know it, it's been snatched up and finished off.  How can you not love that face.

Kent is finally old enough to be in Sunbeams at church.  He is not sure if he likes it or not, he misses the toys and snacks in nursery.  If you look really close you can see Addy sitting right next to him.

They talked about the circus at preschool and were supposed to dress up as a clown.  With my limited skills and resources, this is what I came up with, not to shabby, eh?

Creepy, eyes-open sleeping.

He is always so good to his sister.  We rarely have to intervene when they are playing with one another.  Here he is putting whatever outfit Addy wanted on her Minnie Mouse doll.

He discovered how to make bubble beards in the bathtub, better late than never, right?

His drawing skills have significantly improved.  This is his first ever drawing of a person that resembled an actual person.

Shaving, just like Dad.

And with the good comes the bad, we do see a tantrum here or there, normally when he is running low on sleep and not getting his way.

Kent is not a bad kid and doesn't get in trouble a whole lot, so when he does he is pretty sensitive about it (just like Lance).  Recently he has taken to plugging his ears when we are reprimanding or condemning a behavior.  

A Love/Hate Relationship

I know I have written on here a lot about Kent and his friend Abby.  Well Abby had a little sister you have probably seen in pictures here and there.  Her name is Maddy and she is about 10 months older than Addy.  These two really have a love/hate relationship.  But one night while I was watching the girls I caught a rare "love" moment and these two couldn't have been cuter.  It lasted for about 20 minutes before they started to fight over the water, which is pretty impressive if you know these two.

I love the way they are looking at each other here.  

Cute, wet girls.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Hate Winter

It will come as no surprise to those that know us well, but we hate winter.  Perhaps if we enjoyed winter sports than maybe we wouldn't be such grumps about the cold and snow, and if you think I am bad you should hear my husband.  I never remember hating winter this much when I lived in Logan.  Sure, walking to class and having any snot in your nose freeze only to defrost when you entered a building was no fun, but I wouldn't gladly take frozen boogers over 2 cooped up kids who desperately need the great outdoors to run around (they hate the snow too)!

Freezing cold temps!

Indoor activities such as painting the bathtub, although fun, last 30 minutes max.

Flu season...

our family caught it 3 times!

After only a few minutes outside.  If the snow touched his face he was done.

We even experienced some freezing rain this year.  People around here haven't seen that since the 80's.

It was pretty crazy.  I literally dragged Kent across our sidewalk to get him to the car.

Proof that I do try to get my kids to play in the snow.

Our little marshmallow.

Left Up To Their Own Devices

A kid who normally doesn't like his hands dirty!

Say "cheese", literally (look closely)!

Friday, April 19, 2013

4th Generation Shopper

I am pretty sure a love for shopping is genetic.  My grandma Larsen loves to shop, my mom loves to shop, I love to shop (although my shopping decreased slightly/significantly, depending on who you ask, when I married Ammon), and we hope to foster a love for shopping in this cute little girl.

Christmas with the Udy Side

My parents surprised my grandparents and showed up at their house (in St. George) on Christmas Eve's Eve.  They were completely empty nesters this holiday season seeing how all their kids were spending Christmas with their spouses' families.  We knew my parents were coming to our place in Ogden after we got home from St. George, but they surprised us early.  I wanted to spend all my time with them although it was Ammon's family's Christmas.  It was a good thing they took off to Vegas the next day to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with my uncle's family, it definitely took the sting out of not spending Christmas with them.  After they were done in Vegas and we were done in St. George, they caravanned back to Ogden with us.  Brett was also in Ogden spending Christmas with Rachel's family. We did arrange to spend one day with each other and celebrate Christmas Udy-style.  Thanks Mom and Dad, we are grateful!

Here are the girls ready to open presents.

And the boys.

Man I love that these two are best friends.  Here they are in their cougar shirts from Grandma and Grandpa.  

An action shot of Addy unwrapping.

Lance even joined Christmas via video chat.  He was on there a whole 2 hours.  

The boys opening their tool sets.

This is what we call a Grandpa Sandwich.

Addy enjoying her new doll's binky.

Giving it back to her doll.

The girls with their very first Cabbage patch doll and the boys with their first Hot Wheels track.

One of Addy's favorite gifts was her dog that barks and jumps.  She totes him (thats the determined gender of the dog regardless of the pink bows) around quite frequently.

I decided that the Hot Wheels track is a Dad toy, meaning it is a toy Kent can only get out and set up when Dad is home.  

Christmas in St. George

This year it was our turn to spend Christmas with Ammon's parents.  I am never a major fan of packing Christmas and transporting it to another location, but I always seem to survive and have a good time.  I was just proud I managed to fit all of Christmas in just two boxes.

Not too shabby, huh?

Kim and Chett took us swimming on Christmas Eve.

This is how Addy felt about the Christmas Eve festivities going past her bedtime.

What Santa brought the kids.

Kent went straight to the Batman toy he asked for...

and Addy loved her new camping chair and tea set.

We spent the day playing doctor...

and fireman.

Kent also convinced the adults to play Break the Ice with him over and over and over again. 

Addy was still a mama's girl, but did enjoy sitting on Grandma's lap playing the piano or...

reading books with Grandpa.

Addy sure does love Grandma's piano!

How Do I Know...

Ammon went on another TDY (work trip) in December.  I know, he has been going on a lot of work trips.  Hopefully that stops by June.  Anyways, this is how I know it's time for Ammon to come home...

the kids take over my bed!