Monday, September 2, 2013

TTW - Olson Ranch

One day while we were home we were treated to an afternoon at the "Olson Ranch".  Maja, Lori, and Robin met us out in Viola to let the kids ride the horses.  Little did they know they were going to exercise Juno (the dog) and dig holes for them.  We had a great time and hope to be able to do it again next time we visit.  I even showed up in a few pictures, thats what happens when Rachel takes a turn with the camera.

Addy loved the horses.

First meeting.

Kent would have taken Juno home if we would have let him.  Isn't the Palouse gorgeous!

Feeding the horses peppermints.

Kent's turn.

Fetch, Juno.

A photo opportunity.


Such a big girl.

These two crack me up.  We forced Kent to ride the horse, not that he was scared but simply he was content with Juno as his entertainment.  

Riding away into the sunset.

The boys found a shovel and Kent said he was digging holes so he could come back the next day and plant corn.  The kid loves him some corn on the cob.

The boys also got a kick out of throwing Juno's ball into the water and making him jump in and get it.  I think Juno thought it was fun the first few times, but the 5th time may have been too much.


Brett and Rachel said...

I think we should convince them to buy a horse-drawn sled so we can go back out in the winter! What do you say, Robin?!

The Udy Bunch said...

I think that would be a blast!! We will have to get sleigh bells and hot cocoa :-)